Are you ready for what comes after what’s next?

We offer comprehensive business law, business immigration and tax law services to help you get where you want to go. We’re a full-service firm affiliated with Ernst & Young LLP in Canada.

Business Law

Big business goals require better building blocks where fundamentals count.

From corporate and commercial law to corporate secretarial services, we help you get the right foundation in place to fuel your future.

Business Immigration

Borders are opportunities in disguise.

Agile teams are your competitive edge. Effectively aligning the right people with the right work in the right market is critical. Getting there shouldn’t feel complicated.

Employment Law

Now more than ever, companies need to understand Canadian employment laws to manage cost and risk, proactively identify potential hurdles, and facilitate efficient, timely and agile application of global or regional projects.

Tax Law

Understanding risk makes anything less taxing.

Tax laws pose risks and challenges in equal measure. Moving your business forward with confidence means understanding the landscape, planning effectively, and having a sound resolution strategy in place.