Tax Law

The requirements of your business in complying with the intricate network of domestic and international tax laws can pose significant challenges and risks.

Whether you require advice on any aspect of tax, including dispute resolution assistance with tax authorities or litigation services if your tax controversy is heading to court, you need the confidence that our tax law team can provide.

Our award-winning tax planning, counsel and litigation teams offer a powerful combination of legal knowledge, experience and national presence to help your organization navigate the complexities of Canada’s domestic and international tax laws. Our team has been ranked among Canada’s best and a number of our lawyers are widely regarded as leading practitioners and authorities in various areas of tax law and tax litigation, customs and excise and international trade law.

  • Tax Planning

    We offer an integrated national service that spans corporate tax, human capital, international tax, transaction tax, sales, customs and excise, and indirect tax. We can advise you on a broad range of tax matters, including providing the legal opinions and risk assessments that help you optimize a broad range of transactions, structures and tax positions, including domestic and cross-border acquisitions, divestitures, corporate reorganizations and financing transactions.

    We can advise you with respect to customs law value for duty, tariff classification, export controls/sanctions and import controls, duty relief and cross-border VAT (GST) and transfer pricing from a customs and cross-border VAT perspective.

    We can also advise you on all aspects of international trade law, including anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard matters before the CBSA and CITT and in other NAFTA- and WTO/GATT-related matters, including investment restrictions and the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).


  • Tax Policy and Controversy

    EY has one of the largest practices in Canada dedicated to tax controversy, including tax litigation. Our Tax Controversy group provides tax controversy services to a wide range of clients, including public and private companies, multinationals, banks, insurance companies, individuals, tax planners and tax transaction advisors. We have experience with all areas of tax, including corporate and personal income tax, indirect tax, customs, international trade and employers’ payroll contributions matters. We also assist clients with transfer pricing documentation, applications for relief under the Mutual Agreement Procedure in Canada’s tax treaties, as well as with voluntary disclosures.

    We have acted for clients at all court levels, including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Federal Court of Canada, the Tax Court of Canada, and provincial trial and appellate courts, including the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Court of Appeal of Québec. We have also represented clients before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal in international trade matters. We have an impressive record of resolving our clients’ disputes with the tax authorities, favourably and efficiently.


  • Our suite of tax law services

    • Providing advice and assistance in structuring a tax-effective approach to domestic and international transactions
    • Helping with transfer pricing documentation, advance pricing agreements, competent authority requests, advance income tax rulings and voluntary disclosures, as well as with submissions to Finance Canada
    • Managing the audit process and advising you on document management and retention strategies
    • Helping you respond to audit queries and formal requirements issued by Canadian tax authorities
    • Helping you formulate your WTO/GATT compliance strategies and international supply chain structuring
    • Advising you on litigation and settlement strategies and negotiations
    • Providing you with effective representation before federal and provincial tax authorities, and advocating for you before the courts


Connected across Canada and around the world

We have a strong connection with the cross-Canada network of EY tax professionals, giving us access to former high-ranking individuals in the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Department of Finance, as well as actuaries, economists, certified business valuators, scientists, engineers and industry-focused professionals.

And when your business needs go beyond borders, we can help you get there. We connect you with EY’s global network of tax professionals — ready to assist you with your cross-border controversy or planning issues wherever you’re located or looking to expand.