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Valuation & Business Modelling

"How can I tell if this valuation is fair?"
"How can we improve our forecast models?"


Transparent and robust valuations are required to support today’s corporate transactions and meet important regulatory and accounting requirements. The process of assessing assets and liabilities is increasingly complex. Leading companies know that the knowledge of a designated Chartered Business Valuator can yield important benefits in their valuation reports.

Businesses both private and public, lenders and institutional investors often need to obtain valuations or fairness opinions to support major corporate transitions and decision-making. Acquisitions, divestitures, restructuring and supporting financial statement assertions are just some of the areas where valuations are an essential business requirement.

The opinion of an independent third party can also help you decide which route to take when dealing with relationships and transactions with minority shareholders, employee ownership and stock option arrangements, and litigation and shareholder disputes.

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    Our Valuation professionals apply a powerful combination of experience and technical skills to complex valuation situations, including:

    • Formal valuation opinions for compliance, regulatory and other purposes
    • Financial reporting valuations, including purchase price allocation, valuation impairment studies and venture investment valuation
    • Fairness opinions to assist boards of directors in meeting their fiduciary duties to shareholders and other stakeholders
    • Valuation analyses and estimates for strategic planning, corporate tax and transaction advice
    • Capital equipment valuation for financial reporting, transaction, taxation and insurance
    • Capital allocation and risk analyses, including developing dynamic discounted cash flow/real options models for investment decisions, risk analyses and project financing
    • Intangible valuations for financial reporting, corporate tax planning and strategic purposes
    • Litigation support services, including expert advice on valuation and damages, and providing expert reports to assist in resolving financial disputes

Business Modelling

Increasingly complex financial models underpin large and meaningful business decisions, but in many cases, these models simply fail to meet today’s business standards for rigour and accuracy.

Our Business Modelling team has the experience to help mitigate the risks inherent in the use of financial models, the skills to augment your strategic planning and decision-making, and the independence to provide the objectivity crucial to successful business modelling.

Having developed our own proprietary model development methodology, backed by a proven track record in model reviews and unparalleled access to EY’s global network of related model services, we customize our approach to your needs. What’s more, we support your teams with the training, guidance and assistance they need to properly leverage financial models.

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    Our highly skilled Business Modelling team has the knowledge and experience to support your strategic decisions, operational performance and M&A / private equity transactions. Our services include:

    • Model development: applying our unique methodology to develop comprehensive models that exemplify transparency, flexibility and robustness of design
    • Model review: assessing the integrity and robustness of your financial models to provide independent assurance that they are free of material errors
    • Simulation and decision models: employing simulation and decision models to understand opportunities and risks that are not readily apparent in more traditional analyses

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