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Transaction Diligence

" How do I win the bid, yet close an accretive acquisition?"

Traditional methods of due diligence often focus too narrowly on analyzing historical results. Ultimately, these results may not support an organization’s value creation plans or help management realize its investment goals. Whether your organization is the buyer or the seller, you and your stakeholders need to be confident in understanding where the value lies and what the potential risks are.

Our buy-side diligence approach focuses on value drivers that affect a buyer’s purchase price and expected return. We also analyze the principal barriers that can delay or derail a successful deal.

We’re proud to provide financial, IT, operational, HR and commercial due diligence to many of the largest organizations, fastest-growing companies and private equity firms in the market. Working with our industry colleagues, we tailor our integrated approach to fit the unique needs and ecosystem of your organization to drive transaction success.

Our teams’ signature integrated approach is designed to help you navigate the many considerations that drive and shape transactions:

Buy-side drivers:

  • Financial risks
  • Synergies
  • Operations
  • Commercial and strategic rationale

Sell-side drivers:

  • Divestiture risks and rewards
  • Asset mix: what belongs and what doesn’t
  • Business optimization
  • Graceful exit while maintaining control of the process

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