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Operational Transactions Services

"Do I really need an advisor to help integrate my business’s new acquisition?"

Operational Transactions Services

Crafting the right integration, divestiture or carve-out plan — and then implementing it smoothly — is essential to achieving synergies, building value and yielding superior transaction returns.

Successful transaction integration goes beyond the nuts and bolts of the “post-deal integration” that must blend businesses, functions, technology and cultures following a merger or acquisition.

The success or failure of an integration depends largely on the level of preparation. Early focus on value drivers, combined with a disciplined, agile and repeatable approach to execution, can lead to greater success and fewer integration issues. These efforts work in tandem with a system to review and challenge progress as the transaction moves forward.

Managing all these moving parts requires an operating model that’s ready to start as soon as the deal has closed.Our Operational Transaction Services professionals bring a sophisticated, experienced approach to integration, designed to guide you and your company toward a smooth and profitable acquisition.

We help corporations and private equity firms investing in Canada and around the world develop well-defined transaction strategies:

  • Buy-side integration
    Core integration services (Pre and post closing)
    • Integration management office
    • Leading practices and tools
    Integration due diligence
    • Identify integration challenges
    Accelerated integration planning
    • Day 1, Day 100, long term
  • Sell-side carve-outs
    Advise parent company and/or new organization to prepare for carve-out situations
    • Stand-alone, onetime and residual cost analysis
    • Transition service agreements and transition analysis
    • Day 1 readiness preparation
  • Centre of excellence/playbook
    • Institutionalize best practices, retain knowledge and reduce risks
    • Focus on core integration processes that will “move the needle” from a value, speed and risk mitigation standpoint
    • Outline a process to identify, value, prioritize and realize synergies
  • Transaction value assessment
    • Measure components of transaction returns
    • Identify early opportunities for course correction or synergy gaps
    • Compare transaction due diligence, valuation, integration planning and execution processes against leading practices
  • Synergy assessment and delivery
    • Revenue-enhancement opportunities
    • Cost-reduction opportunities
    • One-time synergy capture costs
    • Synergy realization time frame

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Operational Transaction Services
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