Communication leaders

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Today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment means that you can’t leave any aspect of your communications—with employees, shareholders, customers, business partners and other stakeholders—to chance.

The need to operate seamlessly across borders extends to your communications. Our leading-edge translation and communication services can help you protect your reputation in the marketplace, satisfy regulatory and reporting requirements, upgrade your internal skill sets and extend your customer base.

Headquartered in Montréal, our translation and communication services practice—consisting of translators, writers, editors, proofreaders and communication specialists—has an outstanding reputation, both in Canada and abroad. With more than 40 years’ experience, our success is based on our multidisciplinary approach to service delivery, and on the solid, long-term relationships we’ve established with some of today’s industry leaders.

A number of organizations offer full-service translation and communication solutions. But only EY’s team offers you the quality, reliability, expertise and trust that have become synonymous with one of Canada’s leading professional services firms. In addition to services that are customized to meet your needs, we offer:

- Our leadership
- A multi-disciplinary team
- Personalized services
- Innovation and flexibility
- Effective project management
- Our capacity to adapt technical documents for the non-technical reader
- Expertise and professionalism
- Speed