• How should Canada approach open banking?

    Here’s how we can create strategic market opportunities while enhancing value for Canadians.

  • Banking and capital markets focused on M&A for growth

    Our Global Capital Confidence Barometer shows solid first quarter of dealmaking with 45% of BCM executives surveyed expecting to pursue acquisitions in the next 12 months.

  • Financial Services Divestment Study 2018

    Financial services companies refocus their business portfolios to address emerging technologies and digital transformation.

  • How banks can pivot to an innovation-led strategy

    This study focuses on identifying how the current payments ecosystem affects Canadian businesses through process inefficiencies, which ultimately result in increased operational costs. 

  • Global regulatory outlook 2018

    Implementing Basel III, keeping pace with technology and responding to challenges posed by disruptors to traditional banking models - banks face big challenges in 2018.

  • Global banking outlook 2018

    As banks pursue innovation-led change, they will need to answer six key questions about their readiness to become digitally mature and deliver sustainable long-term profitability.

  • Payments newsletter: volume 18

    The latest edition of EY’s quarterly payments newsletter provides insights from around the world about payments transformation initiatives.

  • Next steps for CCO compliance

    Financial institutions, wherever they are located, need to understand the UK’s new Corporate Criminal Offence. Learn key steps they must take, including risk assessment.

  • An integrated vision to manage cyber risk

    Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility in today’s financial services organization. This report looks at the current cyber risk landscape and how to best protect your business.

Guiding an industry in transition

Amid significant global regulatory reform, banks and securities firms are faced with numerous challenges and sweeping changes. How should banks' operating models evolve? Where are the greatest opportunities for growth? What is the most effective way to raise and manage capital?

These are some of the questions banks are wrestling with as they seek to comply with new regulations while meeting the expectations of customers and shareholders for service, transparency and return-on-investment.

We provide guidance in these key areas:

  • Financial regulatory reform

    Global financial regulatory reform is daunting in its breadth and complexity. Our global network of advisory professionals offers an integration of regulatory and technical skills that sets us apart in advising and helping clients to achieve compliance and growth.

    View our Global Financial Regulatory Reform site.

  • Banking risk management

    Risk management has taken on a new level of importance. Get up to speed on risk control practices and regulatory requirements.

  • Governance in banks

    Who's responsible for setting risk appetite? What role does the board play? Find out how risk governance at banks is evolving.

  • Banking performance improvement

    Who's responsible for setting risk appetite? What role does the board play? Find out how risk governance at banks is evolving.

  • Bank reporting

    Heightened levels of professional skepticism and executive involvement are needed in today's environment.

  • Growth in banking

    With tightened margins and an uncertain landscape, where will banks turn for new growth? We point out the progress and pitfalls of redefining their business.

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